Weber County 4-H is a youth development program for school-aged children. Through clubs, camps, workshops, conferences, and trips members explore a wide range of projects, participate in service and develop their leadership abilities.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4-H Robotics Challenge Night Rank Achievement

Weber County 4-H’ers completed another successful season of robotics challenges.   From January through May, club members built and programmed robots to complete missions, earning points for successfully completing each challenge.  Members had an opportunity to earn the following ranks:
  • Cadet Rank - 50 points
  • Captain Rank – 90 points
  • Commander Rank – 150 points
Please join us in congratulating these club members for earning ranks:
  • Cadet Rank:  Caleb Andres, Evan Case, Parker Larson, Marc Hernandez, Mark Chapman
  • Captain Rank:  Conner Russell, Ethan Montgomery, Isaac Dredge, Matthew Hilton, Ethan Wood, Belair Lyon, Alex Sines
  • Commander Rank:  Craig Montgomery, Nathan Carter, Jacob Toone, Luke Kaschmitter, Jordan Taylor, Hudson Lyon, Aria McClellan

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