Weber County 4-H is a youth development program for school-aged children. Through clubs, camps, workshops, conferences, and trips members explore a wide range of projects, participate in service and develop their leadership abilities.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kids Vs. Adults Community Service Challenge

We challenge all Weber County 4-H’ers, alumni and volunteers to complete at least four hours of 4-H community service.   Any 4-H community service you do with your 4-H club, county or state 4-H programs, or individually as a 4-H club member or volunteer can be included.

Service completed with your school, scouts, church, or other organizations, or things you do to help your family, such as babysitting or mowing the lawn (i.e., family chores), should not be included.

Record service completed between October 1, 2011 through the Weber County Fair in 2012. Turn in your Service Log by the County Fair.

Weber County 4-H will provide prizes for youth and adults who complete a total of four hours or more and an even bigger prize for those who complete a total of forty-four hours or more!

As part of our Kids vs. Adults Service Challenge, someone is going to get slimed at the Weber County Fair.   Will it be the kids or the adults? 

  • If the kids report the most service hours, Donna Carter, Wendy Rees, Rena Steed, and Katrina Pearce will get slimed.
  • If the adults report the most service hours, Morgan Rich, Holden Steed, Lacey Papageorge, and Cassie Breeding will get slimed.

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